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Realisation of a Dream

The Bulungula Lodge is the realisation of a dream dreamt during years of travels through the most remote parts of Africa, China and South America: to create an eco-friendly backpackers lodge in the most beautiful place in South Africa, owned and managed by a vibrant, traditional community.

The lodge is situated in the most beautiful location of any lodge in South Africa - on the breathtaking Wild Coast. Have a look at the photos. Beach, forest, lagoon, rolling hills, dolphins, whales, you name it. The sky is so clear, we guarantee shooting stars – look at the night’s sky for half an hour without seeing one, and you stay that night free.

We run on solar power, our rocket showers are legendary and our 10 huts have been positioned for great sea and forest views. Sarah, our artist friend from London, spent 9 months creating a visual spectacle – each hut has been theme painted and our odourless compost toilets are the most colourful in Africa.

The community of Nqileni village owns 100% of the lodge and is an integral part of daily life here. No fences, no crime, no beggars, no hassles, just friendly smiles. Take a walk around the village at any time of the day or night and you’ll be invited into the mud huts for a drink and a chat.

During the day you can wander around the village – with or without a guide – or you can chill out in our hammocks or on the beach. Our music collection is superb and aims to introduce guests to new and old pan-African sounds as well as eclectic chill out vibes. Girls can head off with the village women for a crazy day of face painting, brick-making, maize stamping, traditional food preparation, beer brewing and firewood collecting. Local fishermen will show you how to catch fish with throw nets, catch crayfish and octopus by hand and to make your own fishing rod from wood and wire. Zameka will lead you on your journeys through the village and local culture. We have a lot of wise old people in the village who have seen it all and have amazing stories to tell. Go meet uTata Ntsundu, the elder who can tell you anything you want to know about the history of the area… despite having children who are now pensioners, he still remembers everything. Or maybe you want to wander through the beautiful indigenous forest with Mel'dinga, the traditional herbalist, and learn about the weird and wonderful natural remedies found here. Nolamete, the sangoma/igqirha, is always the first to laugh, and will beat the drum into oblivion after a few jugs of Umqombothi beer. Weekends are merry – it seems every second hut has brewed beer and you won’t escape without trying some. And if you're here mid-month you will have crazy fun in the village at the traditional, two-day uHube party - where you'll definitely learn some new dance moves.

The community offers canoe trips up the beautiful Xhora River where kamikaze fish may jump into your boat and Malachite kingfishers hunt in the forested cliffs upstream. You will also see the ancient cycad trees, relics from the dinosaur era. All this with a cooler box of beers. If canoeing is not your thing, you can also explore the village and gallop along the beach on horseback.

Rooms Types Available:

  • Single rooms
  • Double rooms
  • Twin rooms
  • Triple rooms
  • Dorms
  • Luxury Safari Tents




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This place is great. We had loads of fun. Traditional living was epic. Thanks again.

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