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Explore Your Spirit Of Adventure

Afri-Abseil is the result of our passion for the area, climbing and being outdoors.

With the benefits of 30+ years of climbing and adventuring, this exposed route has been created to share the challenge, build confidence, empower and inspire. The single pitch abseil gives you the chance to experience the spirit of exploration and adventure.

“The double connection system and ladder-like rungs create accessibility and added safety.”

The abseil point is reached by a system well known in Europe called "Via Ferrata". What is this? A series of metal rungs form hand and foot holds creating a ladder-like pathway along the rock. Running alongside this route is a steel cable to which each individual is attached at all times. The double system of clipping in and un-clipping provides safety and ease of access.

All equipment is rated and your guide will assist and take you through the route as you make your way out to the abseil point. Take your time to look around and take in the panoramic views.

Outdoor play! Explore your spirit of adventure, build confidence, challenge your comfort zone - Abseiling - Lets Go!



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It was something I feared at first, but once I got into it, and saw that our guides and instructors were very well experienced, I relaxed and really enjoyed it all!!

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