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Share the sky! Experience the Garden Route through eagle eyes. Afrovibe collaborates with FlyTime Paragliding who offer tandem flights and paragliding courses. What’s cool about FlyTime? They’re local just like us! Combined with the reality of 'Weather Dependency' and them making sure that you get the best Paraglide possible without having to re-schedule, the flights take place from many different locations around the Garden Route. Launches can take place from Knysna, Brenton On Sea, Buffelsbaai, but the most amazing flying opportunities for a first timer or a regular can be found at the 'Cloud 9' spot high up in Sedgefield or at the 'Map of Africa' site in Wilderness.

The Tandem Flights prove to be the most popular and it will give you an unforgettable 15 minutes of flying from any of the above locations mentioned . Since the guys you GO flying with are PROS, they will also be filming with GO-PROS so you will be able to collect photo documentation of your amazing flight



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Fly like a Bird

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I had first time paragliding experience and loved every bit of it. My pilot was brilliant. He explained all the process and made me feel safe and relaxed. The moment when we got kitted up and took off was just breathtaking. Thank you very much for everything.

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