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Horse and Draken

Nestled at the foothills of this magnificent UNESCO World Heritage site for exceptional natural beauty, Khotso has become synonymous with horse riding in the Southern Drakensberg.

Open all year round, our horse trails all start from the Khotso Backpackers Lodge and criss-cross over 1,300 hectares of rolling Khotso land. Eland’s Peak sits at 1,800m above sea level, whilst 5km of the beautiful Mzimkulu River flows through the farm as well.

Let our experienced grooms and volunteers saddle up and guide you to panoramic views and embrace just how exhilarating the spirit of freedom can be when you ride out over the ridges and flats of the land with the mountains laid out in front of you.

1-hour ride - Drop in and climb to the flats of Engagement Hill where you can get a feel for riding if you're just starting out, or canter and gallop across the plateau for the experienced among you. R200 per person.

2-hour ride - One of our most popular trails, take this route to summit the highest point on the farm and take in the eagles and vultures soaring about you glancing down to the beautiful Underberg valley and over and across to the jagged peaks of the Drakensberg itself. Complimentary juice and biscuits. R390 per person.

3-hour ride - If you really want to get to know your steed, our 3-hour ride gives you the best chance to get acquainted with your horse and the extend of the farm and all the views it has to offer. This is the best option if you don’t do things by halves and want to get the most from your horse riding experience in the mountains. Complimentary sandwich lunch to fuel you through. R530 per person.

Full day ride - By prior arrangement for groups of 3 or more, take the whole day and set off with the morning sun in your face and the ground open in front of you. Combined trails and lunch included as standard, escape and feel the wind through your hair as you set out on a journey you’ll never forget. Maybe stop along the way and cool off by taking a jump from our small natural waterfall into the gloriously refreshing Blues Pool? R680 per person.

Sunset ride - A saddle bag with a few cold beers, or a fine bottle of red, or even the famous OBs sherry, cheese, crackers and nuts, ride up to Eland’s Peak for sundown and watch the magical setting of the Drakensberg be transformed as the sun sinks behind the jagged Castle Garden mountain over Lesotho and see the light and colours of the rocks change in front of your eyes. If you’re going to ride out on horseback into the mountains, you may as well do it properly. R460 per person.

Pony - For family guests only, give the kids the feel for riding from the beginning. All accompanied by the reigns with one of our grooms or volunteers, walk alongside as your little one experiences the joy of riding their very own horse in complete safety. R100 per person.



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I felt like an African cowboy. Very relaxing and was fun to learn how to ride the horse!

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