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The underwater world is your oyster when snorkelling at Storms River! You can move across the ocean’s surface like a human-sized sea turtle, marvelling at the spectacular marine life from above, chasing fish over the reefs and spotting sun rays on the bed of the ocean. Escape the rush of the real world and experience how “everything’s better, everything’s wetter under the sea!” This splendid sea safari is enjoyed by “human turtles” from almost any age and thus an ideal adventure for the whole family.

Guided snorkelling trips are available for groups, unaccompanied children and first-time snorkelers. A guided snorkelling trip begins with a briefing on the gear, fin techniques and snorkelling skills, so that you won’t be out of your depth when you are in deep waters! This is followed by a guided snorkelling adventure around the breath-taking reefs at Storms River Mouth. Long after you have finished floating on the ocean, you will still be floating on air from the incredible experience.

Should you wish to book a guided snorkelling trip, please contact us in advance as it is subject to minimum group sizes and availability of guides.



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I really enjoyed it

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My wife and I always said we want to do this, and finally doing it was very liberating! Stunning!

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