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Our stay at Bohemian Lofts was a truly soulful one, we absorbed the urban and bohemian feel of Cape Town. It’s located in the very trendy Observatory (Corner of Trill & lower main road) and should definitely be pinned on your travel map.

Bohemian Loft backpackers is a definitely a MUST stay and truly a diamond in the rough kind of beauty.

With a balcony overlooking probably the busiest street in Observatory, you can sit and enjoy your cup of coffee or glass of wine, seeing the world pass by.

The owner (Jenny) really has a heart-warming and laidback approach to your stay; rooms clean with fresh linen, historic wooden floors and stairways polished daily gives you that clean and “fresh” vibe to start your day.

The décor goes from your 1960 Woodstock memories to your 2017 Woodstock, bohemian and flower power style. Every room is named after one of our local festivals…. Rocking the Daisies being one, you really get that urban feel and experience with loads of originality, free Wi-Fi helps you to show off this very artful area and share it to social media

Lower main road has about 12 different restaurants and pubs, but all so unique and oh how the night life gets you buzzing.

From Obviouzly Armchair, a local stand-up comedy pub to a very relaxed Asian sushi restaurant, Mexican foods, the famous Jerrys burger bar, Afrikaanse Melktert and a “flat white” to coffee shops with your newspaper and coffee vibe early in the morning.

Activities around your location will include: bike tours, science centre and The Heart of Cape Town Museum.

Your Urban side will definitely have its fix after this beautiful visit.

With loads of travel love.


This was an honest review by Letizia Joyce. This is an independent account and in no way directly promoted or paid for by the supplier.

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