Exciting New Route: Southern Drakensberg – Durban – St Lucia

The Mzansi Experience is excited to announce that, as of 01 July 2018, the route running between Southern Drakensberg, Durban and St Lucia (and opposite direction) is open and has already been received with great success. This new route has been opened due to great demand for a scheduled service running regularly between the key points of the Southern Drakensberg (Underberg and Himeville) and St Lucia, with Durban situated in the middle. Never before has there been direct access from Durban to both these points via hop-on hop-off bus. A short overview of the main areas visited on the route: Southern Drakensberg […]

Whale Season 2018 – See the Gentle Giants of the Ocean at Hermanus, South Africa

SPECIAL ALERT! Get to Hermanus one-way @ R250pp, and return @ R450pp. This is unbeatable value, and no hopping over into other shuttles to get there! Book right away on www.mzansi.travel Or email us at bookings@mzansi.travel OR call us on 021 001 0651 to book! Hermanus, a seaside town just over 100 kilometres from Cape Town, needs no introduction as one of the most famous towns for land and boat-based whale watching in the world. Once a year, hundreds of whales migrate to the protected shallow bays of the Southern Cape coastline to give birth to their young, or mate. Hermanus has been […]

Congratulations to Our Top Selling Agents – July 2018

These guys absolutely rocked it! We would like to congratulate our winners for the selling agents competition that took place in the first half of 2018. Thank you for all the effort and marketing by all the agents and individuals participating in this competition. The results might be very surprising, as a backpacking establishment situated in a out-of-the-way small village, literally kicked (fairy?) dust in the eyes of the competition. This just comes to shows that our Hop-On Hop-Off tickets can sell anywhere in the country – not just the larger cities! Our top selling establishment (which can be a […]

Aloft in Bohemia

Our stay at Bohemian Lofts was a truly soulful one, we absorbed the urban and bohemian feel of Cape Town. It’s located in the very trendy Observatory (Corner of Trill & lower main road) and should definitely be pinned on your travel map. Bohemian Loft backpackers is a definitely a MUST stay and truly a diamond in the rough kind of beauty. With a balcony overlooking probably the busiest street in Observatory, you can sit and enjoy your cup of coffee or glass of wine, seeing the world pass by. The owner (Jenny) really has a heart-warming and laidback approach […]

I Left a Piece of my Heart in Soweto

A piece of my heart belongs to Soweto. A place of interesting people, authentic South African culture and a surprising sense of peace. With Lebo’s Soweto Backpackers as my base, I had an unforgettable experience which is not always easy to describe in words. But after reading about my experience, I hope many will be inspired to go and see it for themselves. The massive township of Soweto is a well-known landmark of South Africa, both for its deep roots in the struggle for democracy and also for its vibrant mix of cultures found here. So, with my slight scepticism […]

Pickin’ Up some Good Vibe’rations

It would be fair to describe my familiarity with the Backpackers culture as lacking at best. So, after spending around 8 hours on one of The Mzansi Experience’s luxury travel busses to get to Jeffreys Bay, I was a fair bit skeptical about staying at a Backpackers of all places. But boy…was I wrong. So very wrong. Island Vibe Jeffreys Bay provided the most fun I’ve had in ages. Many people consider a Backpackers as just a bed to sleep in while you wait for your transport to arrive and take you to something you would prefer doing. This couldn’t […]

Action, Adrenaline… Africanyon!

First, as a start, let me tell you something. I’m not a big fan of water. I’m not a great swimmer, it feels like a lot of effort and it doesn’t feel like my natural habitat in general. Now that you know how I feel about water, let me tell you about Africanyon River Adventures. We had an obscene amount of fun here. Spending a day here is a day more than well spent. After descending via the first abseil, I understood why this area is known as The Crags. The rockfaces rise a couple of meters above and the […]