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Affordable Bus Tickets for Awesome Travel In South Africa

We went out of our way to ensure that you pay affordable and fair pricing for your independant, flexible bus travel in South Africa. Below is a quick tutorial explaining how you can buy your bus tickets online.

How Do I Book My Ticket?

The Mzansi Experience offers a live booking environment to buy your tickets. It is important that you follow the correct steps to purchase your tickets, in order to be able to reserve your bus legs easily.

Buying your desired ticket is very simple. You simply go to our booking engine, select your desired ticket, provide your information required and then proceed to checkout. Detailed booking steps are shown below.

Please note that to book your seat / next bus leg, you must go HERE.

Step 1: Select to correct section

  1. To Buy a Zone Hop-On Hop-Off or Full Mzansi Hop-On Hop-Off Ticket, select "Hop-On Hop-Off Tickets"
  2. To Buy a Mzansi Pass, select "Mzansi Passes"
  3. To Buy a Direct / Point-to-Point Ticket, select "Book a Seat or Buy Direct Ticket"

Step 2: Select your product / destination

  1. For Hop-On Hop-Off Tickets, please select your desired product and proceed to checkout. Please ensure that you have selected the correct product from the listing.
  2. For Direct / Point-to-Point Tickets, please refer to Step 1 to 5 to Buy a Direct Ticket by clicking HERE

Important Note: By purchasing a Hop-On or Hop-Off Ticket, you have not yet booked a seat. This must be done seperately on the Book Your Next Leg page.

Step 3: Confirm and Checkout

  1. Confirm that the details of the purchase is correct.
  2. Confirm your personal details on the from. Please note that we need this information in case of urgent contact or updates
  3. Enter Your Credit Card Details and submit
  4. Your will receive your booking confirmation and unique voucher code by email

Step 4: Book your First Leg / Seat On the Bus

  1. Go to the Book Your Next Leg Page and follow steps 1 to 6.
  2. Repeat for all your legs necessary, or bok your other bus legs as you go along.

Having difficulties booking your ticket?

  • Go to the travel desk / reception at your accommodation and ask them to assist with your booking.
  • Contact us at bookings@mzansi.travel or give us a call on 021 001 0651 to speak to an agent to investigate the issue.