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It would be fair to describe my familiarity with the Backpackers culture as lacking at best. So, after spending around 8 hours on one of The Mzansi Experience’s luxury travel busses to get to Jeffreys Bay, I was a fair bit skeptical about staying at a Backpackers of all places. But boy…was I wrong. So very wrong.

Island Vibe Jeffreys Bay provided the most fun I’ve had in ages. Many people consider a Backpackers as just a bed to sleep in while you wait for your transport to arrive and take you to something you would prefer doing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you stay here with that attitude, you’re going to miss SO much.

I spent two evenings here. Both were filled to the brim with laughter and enjoyment. We spent hours playing pool and foosball, chatting to the staff that, by the end of our stay, started to feel like people we’ve known for years and years. This place is not called Island Vibe for nothing. The vibe here is an energizing aura that makes a stay here enjoyable for people from all walks of life. I’ve seen Financial Directors and Barkeepers have the same amount of fun here. The Island Vibe is there for all to gain.

Other than the vibe, the sleeping arrangements are great, the bathroom and kitchen facilities are clean and fully operational all round. The view from the accommodations is spectacular, especially at dawn as the sun comes up over the ocean as the local surfers practice their artform.

My final words are this; Island Vibe Jefferys Bay is a must stop on any trip remotely close to this area. Please do yourself a favour and come meet these great people and catch some Island Vibe for yourself. You won’t regret a thing.

– This was an honest review by Rivaldo Ferreira, part of the marketing team of the Mzansi Experience. This is an independent account and in no way directly promoted or paid for by the supplier.


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