Route 62, South Africa

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Barrydale is one of the first towns that comes to mind when thinking of Route 62. This interesting town in the heart of the Little Karoo has gained a strong following not only as a tourist destination, but also a local get-together for bikers taking a weekend run along the picturesque route.

As a small town which hosts various arts and craft shops, a walk through the village is strongly recommended. One can find art galleries, a famous recycling crafts gallery and weavery where you can interact with the locals.

Interesting restaurants include Diesel & Creme, The Country Pumpkin and Blue Cow Coffee Shop, all unique in their own right. Delectable local cuisine and pastries can be enjoyed here while embracing the local atmosphere.

The unsurpassed views of the mountains in the area are also home to various footpaths and hiking trails for a refreshing walk. If these walkways are not your cup of tea, a stroll through the village will be equally pleasurable.

Barrydale is also known for its export-quality fruit produce and wines out of the valley. With the Barrydale Wine Cellar right on the edge of town, you can enjoy a wine tasting or even eat pizza and sample local craft beer all in one spot.

Just a short drive out of town leads you to the world-famous Ronnie’s Sex Shop. While only being a bar and general store previously known as Ronnie’s Shop, it has gained a lot of attention after friends of the owner, Ronnie, painted the S-word as a practical joke many years ago. It has remained after attracting masses of attention. The shop is covered in graffiti by visitors from all over the world, as well as lingerie left to hang at the bar …definitely a must see.

The friendly people of Barrydale are all extremely welcoming. Staying over at any of the well-appointed accommodation establishments on offer will be a lovely experience matching the warm atmosphere of its guests.




Blue Cow Barn

The Blue Cow Barn – Boutique Farm Accommodation is located on the beautiful Altona farm, which is visible from the road as you enter Barrydale on the R62 and offers exclusive boutique farm-style accommodation. Just follow the signs and visit the Blue Cow at the Barrydale Waterfront Coffee Shop, they will direct you.

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