Coffee Bay & Surrounds

Wild Coast, South Africa

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The town is named after the hundreds of coffee trees which grew from beans either scattered by a shipwreck or by plunderers. The Mthatha River has its mouth near Coffee Bay.

It isn’t just a place, Coffee Bay is a way of life and a magic that’s simply unexplainable…and must be experienced. Coffee Bay (Afrikaans: Koffiebaai) is a small town situated on the Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. It is located about 250 kilometres south of the city of Durban and has a population of 258 people.

Here you can also find some of the best surf this country has to offer, and the freshest seafood most only dream of. Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure or some well needed R&R, Coffee Bay is the place to be. Walking through the streets of coffee bay you’ll meet some local Xhosas, plenty of livestock, and of course the local residents that came for a holiday and found themselves never leaving. Perhaps that’s what the magic of this place is all about, it engulfs you and although you may leave here, it will never leave you.

There are plenty of hiking trails for tourists, one in particular that comes to mind is the Hole in the Wall. The peacefulness of it all, and the breath taking views makes you pinch yourself to be sure it’s real. When land and water come together in the most unique ways you can’t help but stare and never want to stop.




Coffee Shack

Coffee Shack has everything you need for a comfortable holiday. The fun and festive Babalaza Bar has a free pool table and Tuesday night theme parties. Our restaurant has good value and tasty meals available all day. We have well equipped self-catering kitchens, braai (barbeque) facilities and fire wood.

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Wild Lubanzi

The Backpackers is 50% community owned - our staff are our extended family, all of them are directors of the company, and all of them make the place what it is. The Backpacker is nestled on one of the hills overlooking the beach, providing you with stunning sunrise views. It is surrounded by local village huts, people, livestock, laughter and the lovely hum of Xhosa village life.

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Mdumbi Backpackers

Mdumbi Backpackers is a community-driven incentive which strives to promote community involvement in sustainable eco-tourism. Mdumbi has a unique ownership model, with the local employees, the community association, and TransCape (Mdumbi's affiliated NPO) all holding shares in the business.

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Bulungula Lodge

The Bulungula Lodge is the realisation of a dream dreamt during years of travels through the most remote parts of Africa, China and South America: to create an eco-friendly backpackers lodge in the most beautiful place in South Africa, owned and managed by a vibrant, traditional community.

The lodge is situated in the most beautiful location of any lodge in South Africa - on the breathtaking Wild Coast.

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