Morgan's Bay

Eastern Cape, South Africa

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Described as an 'Eastern Cape paradise', Morgan's Bay lies 10 minutes' away from the Kei River mouth and an hour from East London. This is a beautiful part of the coastline that unsurprisingly forms part of the Wild Coast given its dramatic, rugged cliffs, known as Morgan Bay cliffs. A long stretch of sandy beach reportedly offers a mile's worth of walking, beachcombing (look out for Cornelian beads and the odd piece of Ming china along Bead beach where the Santo Espirito is thought to have been wrecked) and swimming.

What makes this part of the world particularly beautiful is the wide diversity of fauna and flora, mainly due to the fact that it lies in a portion of the Eastern Cape in which 5 different biomes meet. This means that you're surrounded by fynbos, grasslands, forests, valley thickets and semi-desert scrub. In turn this supports a myriad animals and just the bird list for Morgan's Bay is 271 species.

Morgan's Bay boasts one of the prettiest lagoons, which allows for protected swimming but also gives one access to an incredible bird life that includes the call of the fish eagle, for this is the seasonal breeding ground for these birds as well as crowned cranes.

On the other side of the beach from the lagoon rise the dolerite cliffs that extend for about 4 kilometres along the beach to the Double Mouth Nature Reserve and provide hours of rock climbing. There are guided walks and eco horse trails among the myriad attractions for the little beachside village and a hikes to Double Mouth. On the other side of Morgans Bay from Kei Mouth lies Haga Haga and the Cape Henderson Nature Reserve.




Morgan's Bay Backpackers

Yellowwood Forest welcomes nature loving Independent travelers of all ages. We are off of the usual backpacker route, just 45 minutes’ drive from East London (42km off of the N2 along the R349) and a few minutes’ drive from Kei Mouth, where the ferry across the Great Kei River leads you into the Wild Coast.

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In The Green Backpackers

We are an Eco friendly , nature loving backpackers situated in the heart of the Morgan Bay green belt. In The Green Backpackers welcomes travelers from all walks of life.
Spend your days lounging about in the lush garden that leads directly into the forest which you can explore straight down to the Inchara lagoon or reading a book in a sunny spot on one of our decks.

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