Route 62, South Africa

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Oudtshoorn is the largest town of Route 62 and the Little Karoo, also known as the ostrich capital of the world. Famous for the Cango Caves, ostrich trade and once the home of legendary father of the Afrikaans language, CJ Langenhoven, Oudtshoorn is a town of many facets.

As evident by the many Victorian style houses, the town of Oudtshoorn was established in the late stage of the 18th century. The town expanded rapidly with the ostrich boom in the mid-1800’s where one ostrich farm after the other opened in close vicinity to the town. In those years, ostrich feathers and leather was extremely sought after. Today, you can still find many shops dealing in exclusive ostrich products.

Visiting Oudtshoorn will not be complete without a visit to the Cango Caves.  The Cango Caves is one of the great natural wonders of the world. Several systems of spectacular limestone caverns have been discovered, all filled with beautiful stalactites, stalagmites and helictites (limestone formations that grow in unusual directions). Cave paintings and artifacts indicate that the caves were in use over a long period during the Middle and Later Stone Ages. The caves were rediscovered in  1780 by a local farmer and is now the most popular attraction of Oudtshoorn. Different tour options are available.

Exhilarating activities include the Cango zipline, exploring the area by mountain bike or taking a game drive at any of the nearby game farms.

There are animal experiences galore, including tracking Meerkats (Suricata surricatta) at dawn. A group of meerkats is called a “mob”, “gang” or “clan”. These small but characterful animals are very interesting and their way of life is fascinating.

A walk around town will reveal many places of historic significance and architectural beauty, from the Langenhoven House to the Dutch Reformed Church and The Boys High School. Do not forget to explore the local shops while out and about!

When it comes to tourist activities, the greater Oudtshoorn region truly offers something for everyone. One needs to spend at least two to three nights in the region to really be able to enjoy everything that is on offer.




Backpackers Paradise

Come home to this family run hostel, where personal attention is the order of the day. Backpackers Paradise is a must-visit destination! The main hostel building has an amazing sunset balcony from where both the coastal Outeniqua and the skyscraping Swartberg Mountain ranges form an idyllic view.

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Karoo Soul

Huddled in the heart of the Klein Karoo is this magical Tudor-style manor house. Karoo Soul is everything you need for an extraordinary sojourn in Oudtshoorn. Delicately finding the equilibrium between nature, life and sustainability while remaining one of the most sophisticated travel lodges in the area.

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Cango Caves

Almost 30 kilometres outside of Outshoorn in the Klein Karoo, and certainly one of the main reasons for placing this little town on your itinerary, other than the prospect of riding an ostrich, lie the Cango Caves, some of the biggest stalagmite formations in the world set in Precambrian (a time about 4500 million years ago) limestone.

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Oudtshoorn Meerkat Adventures

Meerkat Adventures is situated in Oudtshoorn, in the northern part of the Garden Route, with a lot of fun activities, natural wildlife.

We are based on one of the most beautiful cattle and alfalfa (lusern) farms in Oudtshoorn, home of De Zeekoe Guest farm, the original meerkat conservation site.

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