Storms River

Western Cape, South Africa

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Storms River Village is a small town with a rich heritage before it became the tourism hub of the Tsitsikamma area. The area was initially surveyed by famous road engineer Thomas Bain in the late 19th century while he was exploring the area for a pass through the thick forest area between Port Elizabeth and Plettenberg Bay.

Today, Storms River still possesses the typical colonial character yet is a busy town where tourists come from all over the world to participate in exciting activities ranging from tranquil forest hikes to zip-lining through the forest canopy. The surrounding area includes the famous Storms River Mouth with the beautiful hanging bridges, the Tsitsikamma forest for hiking and bicycling as well as horse-riding activities.

Accommodation in this town is plentiful. You can choose anything from camping and self-catering to luxury guest houses and be sure that there are many options to fit your budget.

The residents of this pretty village are all extremely friendly and would often engage in conversation with tourists visiting the area – be sure to ask for their recommendations on what to do in the area as they sometimes have some exciting options few others know about.

Spending a few days in Storms River is refreshing to the soul. Located in the heart of the Tsitsikamma forest, you will enjoy the fresh air, nature sounds and break away from the bustling city life. You are also most likely going to meet travellers from all over the world and make friends for life.

A visit to the Garden Route in South Africa will not be complete if you skip this fantastic area, so be sure to include this in your trip itinerary.




Tube 'n Axe Accommodation

Tube ‘n Axe offers the widest range of convenient backpacker accommodation from shared private rooms to dormitory bunks. Our lodge cabins are clean & spacious and ideal for couples, families or small groups seeking privacy at reasonable rates. A large, secluded garden for those who love the outdoors. We have a number of barbecue sites and a self catering kitchen. Read More

Dijembe Backpackers

Between the Outeniqua Mountains and the Indian Ocean lies a place of beauty, natural attractions and unique flora and fauna. The Garden Route is home to Storms River Village where ancient forests, rugged unspoilt coastline, rivers, stretches of beach, mountain scenery and indigenous fynbos all merge to form a landscape of ultimate beauty. Read More



Scuba Diving at Storms River

We are proud to be located in scuba diving paradise! The Tsitsikamma National Park is a marine protected area and the underwater life is out of this world. Our scuba diving menu offers something for everyone, regardless of scuba experience level! Choose between a guided dive (entry either by shore or boat) or take a Discover Scuba Course and learn to dive in half a day! We can also kit you out with all the gear you need. Read More

Storms River Snorkelling

The underwater world is your oyster when snorkelling at Storms River! You can move across the ocean’s surface like a human-sized sea turtle, marvelling at the spectacular marine life from above, chasing fish over the reefs and spotting sun rays on the bed of the ocean. Read More

Tsitsikamma Black Water Tubing

Tsitsikamma Black water Tubing, A.K.A. “Storms river Tubing” is a unique, five hour fun filled adventure, including tubi-paddling and balancing, swimming, tube tipping, nature walking, birding, rock jumping, Although similar to ‘kloofing’ it is dis-similar in that storms river tubing caters for the wild and the mild adventurer as all rock jumps are optional. Read More

Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours

The Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours takes place in the magnificent Tsitsikamma indigenous rainforest. Many of the platforms are built around giant Outeniqua Yellowwood trees that are up to 700 years old! Standing within the crown of these giants and looking down at the lush forest floor thirty metres below is an experience of a lifetime. Read More

Tsitsikamma Segway Tours

At Tsitsikamma Segway Tours and Wilderness Segway Tours, we are focused on providing Guided Segway Tours with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Situated in Stormsriver Village and at Tsitsikamma Backpackers.Read More

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