Victoria Bay

Garden Route, South Africa

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Victoria Bay is one of the smallest, most hidden but also most beautiful bays on the Garden Route. It is situated between George and Wilderness. Victoria Bay, a cove enclosed by cliffs, comprises a number of cottages and luxury houses clustered around the water front or on top of the hill driving towards the beach. The gently-sloping beach makes bathing safe and big waves from far out give surfers a long ride. The waves are some of the best for recreational surfing as it is constant and not to large in size, making Victoria Bay a popular spot for surfing lessons. Being renowned for its surfing pleasures, many competitions has been done in this picturesque bay due to the fantastic quality of the waves and pleasant climate. Although surfing and bathing might be this small village’s main attraction, beautiful hiking trails are also available in the area. Staying here definitely embraces to slow life with picturesque nature views, very little sound pollution and a beach you will never want to leave. Definitely the perfect spot for a breakaway from the city or a surf adventure.





Perched within the picturesque coastal forest above Victoria Bay, Surfari offers you a safe and spacious haven from which to take in the serene view of the nearby ocean and the stunning vegetation that frames it. The lodge, with its modern design and unique surf vibe, is ideally situated on the Garden Route, a portal to activities that will appeal to both the energetic and tranquil adventurers. Read More


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