Why Choose The Mzansi Experience

10 Great Reasons To Travel With Us

1. Really AWESOME Stops and Places on our Routes

Our routes go to the most amazing places in South Africa without having the need to jump over into other shuttles, or navigating by your own in a car. You can visit the world-famous town of Hermanus for whale-watching, jump off for a Big 5 Safari experience at Addo Elephant National Park, embrace nature and rekindle your spirit at magical Hogsback, visit all 3 sections of the Drakensberg (North, Central and South) or have a see hippos and crocodiles at the beautiful town of St Lucia. We visit more than 60 towns and village along the way - so you have a big variety to choose from.

2. We are the most-affordable flexible travel option in South Africa

If you are not looking for a fixed itinerary of a tour (with many of the optional items not even included in the price!), we are simply the most affordable travel option for flexible travel. If budget travel or  backpacking was your plan, we work out much cheaper than any other transport option! Try comparing the price of transport (especially car rental with ridiculously high holding deposits!) of other available travel option - you will quickly see the prices adding up much higher than our ticket options. Check out more details of our hop-on hop-off ticket and travel passes by clicking here.

3. We pick you up and drop you off right at the door of your accommodation

We pick you up and drop you off right at the door! Avoid having to pack up much earlier than needed, paying for a taxi / Uber to bring you to a bus station and trying to catch your next bus on time. Then paying for a taxi / Uber to your hostel and doing it all again in a few days. Did you know: There is no other scheduled bus service that goes directly to Hogsback in the Eastern Cape, or Sani Pass, Underberg and the Central Drakensberg - and we work out much cheaper than getting a private shuttle.

4. Awesome Staff to Ensure You have the best time from start to finish

Our staff are fun, helpful and enthusiastic people who love sharing about South Africa, give insider tips, world-class travel assistance and are ready to help you with whatever you need during your journey. From booking your tickets to planning your journey to travelling on our buses, you will be in the best hands. We go out of our way to make you feel awesome and enjoy your journey to the fullest!

5. We take you off the beaten track - Save even more money by taking less shuttles!

While our tickets are already extremely affordable, we are going the extra mile to ensure you get to out-of-the-way places directly. We only make use of shuttle connections when it is absolutely necessary - which means you save a LOT of money you had to pay with other companies to get to these places. Plus - who wants to haul their luggage between two vehicles when you can travel in one go with no transfers! #noshuttles

6. You will travel in comfort and with high levels of safety

Travel in comfort with superior legroom, keep cool in summer with air-conditioning, relax with individual reclining seats and tinted windows with retractable curtains to keep out the sun when needed. Keep entertained or in touch with the family and friends with FREE onboard Wi-Fi! Stay informed with our front fleet staff providing interesting information along the way. The buses all have satellite tracking and is monitored with CCTV - so you can be assured you are safe at all times. Nothing has been overlooked to ensure that you get to your next destination without feeling cramped, but rather relaxed and ready to continue your adventure

7. We are locally owned, locally operated and we support the local communities

The Mzansi Experience is South African owned and fully operated by only South African staff. Why? Because we are all local experts, born and bred in South Africa, you can be sure to get the best information and guidance during your visit to our beautiful country. Each member of our front fleet staff has been hired in the area the grew up in, and further trained on their individual routes to provide the best service. How awesome to know you will engage with our staff on the bus and they can give you first-hand knowledge of the area you are travelling in! We also have a great passion for community development and engage and promote various programs in rural areas of South Africa.

8. The Mzansi Experience is for EVERYONE - all ages and all nationalities!

We pride ourselves on having passengers from every corner of the world! From any nationality or age, solo traveller or in a group, family or couple, all are welcome in the Mzansi Experience family! We all share a mutual passion for travel and excitement to discover South Africa, and there is no limit to who can get on the bus. All are welcome and we look forward to having you on our buses.

9. Our previous guests LOVE The Mzansi Experience - Check our TripAdvisor Reviews

"Everything about travelling with the Mzansi Experience was great: The support during my planning, the driving, the staff, the busses. Lots of legroom and lots of fun!" - Jennifer

"Thank you to your incredible staff and awesome service from office to drivers everyone went beyond to help get me on a very last minute shuttle. Thank you for reminding me why I love this beautiful country and it’s people so much. " - Jess

"I loved the drivers, the legroom, the thoughtfulness of stopping at less expensive shops during the ride and pretty much everything about the journey. The Mzansi Experience crew were incredible from start to finish and very communicative, meaning I was never guessing about the journey or how long it would take." - Vaughn

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10. Our clients get a free travel advice and booking service

We offer a free travel advice and booking service to our clients. Trust The Mzansi Experience to provide you with everything you need for your journey, from start to finish. Since we know South Africa extremely well, we pride ourselves in being able to provide you with everything you need for your trip/ Why spend hours planning and booking your trip if you can be outside enjoying fabulous South Africa? With a list of extensive options for accommodation, activities, day tours and multi-day tours & safari to book right away, we have got your budget travel options covered.